700th day, AMA, 15k Giveaway!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by LuckyPat, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. 21 please, What would you prefer, mounting a monkey in a bicycle while he's following a unicorn, or being a day with a pony that only talks about icecream? why this?, because Idk, yolo :p:D.
  2. What are you waiting for?

    23 please! :D
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  3. 30 please and if you could own anything in minecraft what would it be?
  4. I will be posting the winners today later around like 6 or 7 o clock? Get your numbers and questions in :)
  5. Monkey lol
    I am waiting for Christmas to come lol, announcing winners at around 6-7 pm today
    A giant 4 leaf clover lol
  6. Annoucing Winners now!
  7. I can't wait
  8. Marine4121 wins 15,000r!
    And the most interesting questions who win a free sadle are...
    pick up is on 6868 smp3
    Congrats to the winners, and hope to see you guys round :)
  9. Congratulations to the winners :)