700th day, AMA, 15k Giveaway!

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  1. Hi Everyone :D
    So as the title says tommorow (probably reading this on my 700th day) is my 700th day! I am so lucky to have had such an amazing time here on EMC and made so many amazing friends! I really appreciate all that EMC has done, and all the different people from Staff to friends who made my time here even better! I love to make new friends, so start a chat with me sometime :)
    Sooo for the giveaway, all you have to do ask a question and pick a number from 1-50 and you will be automaticly entered in the draw!Also 3 people with the most creative question will win a free saddle! :) :)
    I hope to see you guys around and plan on staying longer here on emc
    Thanks everyone for making this an AMAZING time here on the best server!
  2. I'll take #4 please. Are you really the luckiest player on EMC?
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  3. 5 please, who told you about EMC
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  4. 27 plz.
    Do purple car bolanga sandwiches get you banned?
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  5. 37 plz, do you like Crash Bandicoot? Also congratz in getting to 700 EMC days :D.
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  6. Number 26 please. What is your favourite EMC moment? Or most funny moment?
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  7. 15 plz, do you have COD ghosts?
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  8. Yes, Yes i am ;)
    Found out about myself actually lol
    Sure :D
    Never heard of them :confused: lol
    Getting to 700 days on emc of course :)
    Nope but i got Battle field 4 lol :D
  9. Wuts your favorite color? 19 plz!
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  10. Green :)
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  11. 22 please!
    Do you remember the EMC spawn library?
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  12. No sorry :confused:
  13. 43 please. How old are you?
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  14. Too personel lol...
  15. #12 please, what is (-6) (+8) X (5) - (+2)?
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  16. 32 XD

    Shady manatee says: If it wasn't Canada, would you still keep calm, eh?
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  17. 14 lol?
    Probably lol...
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