700 Days? AMA - chicken style

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Are you Human?

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  1. So, someone brought it to my attention that tomorrow is my 700th day on EMC. I usually don't do anything special for these landmark days, BUT I have decided to do my 1st ever Ask Me ANYTHING!!!

    I promise to respond to each and every question, but no promises you will quite get the response you were hoping for :p

    In addition, if you catch me online I will trade my head for YOURS only. ONCE. I have like 15 stocked up, but will see if I can go kill myself a few extra times additionally.

    Bring on the questions.
  2. Is your mom that creepy guy that's at KFC?
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  3. Why chickeneer?
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  4. No:

    1. My mom is not a guy; especially at KFC.
    why not
  5. Why are fried chicken so good ;~;
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  6. Do you have a lover on EMC? If so, who?
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  7. Grilled or fried?

    Do you think I'm pretty?
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  8. Because it is FRIED!?!!

    Not currently
    Most definitely *Smile and nod*
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  9. Am I the best potato you have ever met?
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  10. What is your favorite food?
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  11. What was the funniest thing you have done as a moderator on EMC?
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  12. What is meant by Chickeneer? Is it like, you take the ears of Chickens? Or you make people into Chickens and then possibly eat them? I mean, if you think about it, the possibilities are endless :rolleyes:

    If I find you in game, I will trade my head with you ;) I never give out my head. You must love me for this.
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  13. Persona 3 or Persona 4?
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  14. As the only potato I have met, Yes. Additionally you are flaming!!!

    Accidentally saying a server IP in town chat that was intended for JackBiggin, that I banned a player for. I then proceded to kick myself.

    My name actually was a combination of Buccaneers and Chickens.
    Which one is it?
  15. How did you come across EMC?
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  16. I don't really remember. But it was off of some server list. I was looking for non-pvp servers.
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  17. Hey Omelet- I mean Chickeneer. My question would have to be was I the first person to make that horrible joke stated one sentence earlier?
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  18. I don't think I have heard that yet actually
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  19. My question is: how many players have you had to save from suffocating underground after being sucked in by a Momentus?
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  20. What is the funniest reason you used for banning a player? :p
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