7/14/2015 - The End Of The Pizza Roll

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  1. Today we remember our friend, Pizza Roll.

    Pizza Roll had a great life for many months in cadenman's freezer, but one night something happened.
    Dragonhawk32 broke into cadenman's house with a fox suit on, opened the freezer, and stuck some Pizza Rolls in the microwave. He did not have an intention to eat these Pizza Rolls. This is what cadenman found on his kitchen counter when he went to his kitchen to make Pizza Rolls.

    Give a moment to remember our beloved friend.

    Also, feel free to join my chain status/spam status (Please just don't spam random letters and such)!
    (I checked in with staff to see if it is allowed, and it is)

    (Also, sorry for my terrible wording :oops:)
  2. I'm ashamed of you :eek:
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  3. Shame.. they were such nice piz arols. -wipes tears-

  4. I actually posted this somewhere else on the forums. =P
  5. This is the most upsetting thing that I have ever seen. :( RIP.
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  6. Nice job.
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  7. Oh so sad. Tears will be shed.
  8. I've never had a piz arol, but this.. THIS IS TRUE HORROR!
  9. BaBump Tiss
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  11. The pizza rolls will be missed.
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