675 (Close enough!) Day Ask Me Anything!

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  1. Hello Empire!
    So I've been on Empire for quite some time now, close to 700 days I just haven't been active at times. I'm usually quiet on the forums and on the servers, just going along minding my own business. But I want to now try something new and be a little more open.
    So down to the story of how I found EMC: was on PMC and found the old post, logged in, built a huge wooden mansion and burned it down a few times, had fun, then went inactive for a while due to life, came back on, claimed a new residence and built it up, and that's about it.

    Now for the fun part: Go ahead and Ask Me Anything and I'll try and reasonably answer it!
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  2. Whats your favorite color?
  3. Do you think I'm pretty?
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  4. Green, which is odd because of my text color...
    You are beautiful in your own way...
  5. .___.
  6. You're constantly fishing for compliments, do you ever stop to think whether other people might want to know if they're pretty? Gawd, so insensitive
  7. Where did you get your economical knowledge?
  8. Pretty
    Attractive in a delicate way without being beautiful

    Yes, I think your skin is as for you, the person; dunno...
  9. EMC-Wise? I don't know that many details about how the economy here works. I just know the basics.
  10. .___________________________________________________________________.
    Spam post =P
  11. Where did you get your IRL economical knowledge?
  12. I know the basics about how the U.S. economy works by listening to various news sources and just by asking questions :)