666 Days. My goals

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  1. Inspired by the other post I decided to make My goals for my 666 days.
    1. Finish Residence
    2. Become Moderator
    3. Rule the Suggestion Forums
    4. Achieve Million Rupees
    5. Own Utopian residence and make Events
    6. Become Diamond Supporter
    7. Get banned for the most epic reason possible.
  2. Um. Ok...
  3. Go for it! Except #7 probably. :p
    How much longer you have to achieve these goals sky?
  4. Would that fellow be me :p

    And what a list of things
  5. Residence will take until 1.7, moderator will take a few years if I am lucky, rest will come in time.
  6. Keep on pushing for em goals! :D

    Goal for my 100 days:
    Only 1
    1. 1 Million Rupees xD
  7. Moderator IS diamond supporter.
  8. lol these are my goals:
    1) Do something with all of my reses.
    2) Destroy pies.
    3) Become the most epic player of all of history on EMC.