650k Rupee Job!: Layouts

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  1. Hello

    I need a good Web Designer to make me a layout. I'll be paying 650,000 rupees

    So please, PM me if interested for more details.


    EDIT: You'll need to know HTML/CSS/Javascript to do this
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  2. Maybe you could give a little more detail already.
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  3. Edited.

    You'll need to know HTML/CSS/Javascript
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  4. You really can't...
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  5. What sort of layout? What do you want on it? More info before I bother lol
  6. Yes, some more info about what you actually want would probably help :p
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  7. If someone knows HTML, we can split the job and I can do all the design and layout process and you can do the coding. I have designed several websites, but I just upload the graphics to an online designer. The design could be sent to you in psd, vector, tiff, or any average photo file you need, and would include an overall design image and individual images for every component in the design. If you are interested in working with me, message me.

    Recent example:
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  8. If you're interested PM me and I'll drop you all the details.
  9. But isn't it so much easier to just put in the OP then require everyone to PM you..
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  10. Or is it really private or complicated?
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  11. I understand if it's something private you might want to do that, but even if it's complicated putting it in the OP is a ton easier then having to go through the PM's :p

    I'm not interested in doing this, I only know C# and some Java so I'd be no help. I just wanted to know what you wanted because I know some website developers that might do it for you.
  12. *raises hand, sees Aikar sitting two seats next to him with his hand up, and puts hand down*
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  13. So is it just a banner? Or do we have to do the banner and incorporate it into a layout? Are we just doing graphics or PHP and that stuff too. I can tackle graphics by myself but not the web coding.
  14. Ill help probably if we get more info
  15. I can code javascrips and html, im a bit unsure on css, but im sure I can pick it up!

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