64x64 and 128x128 Art

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  1. Sometimes (read: often), I get bored. Then I play Minecraft. Then sometimes (read: very often), I get bored in Minecraft. So I start doing art or math. Usually both. Basically, just give me an image of your minecraft skin, a random picture or just an idea in general, and I will attempt to do it in 64x64 or 128x128 pixel art. You can just give me what you want me to make and let me decide, or you can give me another reference for the style of art you want it to resemble.

    There is no cost to this. (Though tips are welcome)

    My current forum avatar is an example of this. But if I change it when you see this to something unrelated, here it is for reference.
    EiminNoYaiba 64x64 face jpeg.jpg
    Art Thread Gecko.jpg Art Thread Flying Owl.png
    Art Thread Cat.png Art Thread Frog.png

    As I do my own images for personal use, I will continue to post them here for people to reference, as well as some I've made for people that I really like.

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  2. I would like my profile pic done in 64x or 128x (doesn't matter). I'll donate like 4k or so
  3. I'm hoping that was a mistype for gecko, since I don't think I can draw an insurance company :p
    Art Thread Gecko.jpg
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  4. You should do a 64x64 version of this pixel art I drew:
  5. 64x done. It was mostly just a paste, resize and fine tune piece though. I'll try to get a higher quality 128x tomorrow or Sunday when I have enough down time.
    Art Thread Awesomebuilder33.png
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  6. Thanks! Geckos are my favorite animal, sorry for the speeling error, lol...watching tv adds do change your mind
  7. Did a few simple edits then played around with my program's effects to adjust everything and balance it a bit and I don't even know what I'm saying. I can't art words.
    Art Thread Plane.png
  8. Thanks
  9. Could you do a flying owl for me?
  10. Art Thread Flying Owl.png
    Had a bit of trouble getting the wings to look nice.
    I also did it in a color closer to your current avatar.
    Art Thread Flying Owl(recolor.png
  11. Turns out the 128x was actually easier than the 64x for me to fix up.
    Art Thread Awesomebuilder33 128x.png
    This one literally was just resizing and it was done.
    Also played around and made a pencil sketch version.
    Art Thread Awesomebuilder33 128x pencil.png
  12. Thanks. This is like the only way I can actually do art. Can't do it without a grid :p
    The good side to this is that the pictures can then be used for pictures in Minecraft using maps, which is what I'm currently doing to the one I made for tuqueque. Putting it as a picture into this month's contest. :D
  13. Can u do me a pink cake podium with a massive pink cake sitting on it? lots of pink and cake
  14. Pink cake or pink icing? If pink icing, chocolate or vanilla cake? These are important questions! Very, very, -extremely- important, sake of the -universe- questions!
  15. normal minecraft cake but instead of red cherries... pink ones... and wit ha lighter brown cake bit...
    The podium should be a really lovely cream-y white color :3 or just super ultra white with little lines to show its figure
  16. Art Thread Cake Pillar.png
    Something like that?
  17. yep! thnx! can u make it bigger? (sorry if im asking too much)
  18. Art Thread Cake Pillar 128x.png
    That a bit better? It's a bit rough since it's just directly taken from 128x from 64x. I'll work on a smoother version and edit this post when I get it done.
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