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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    My tests are over, and I decided that I wanted something else to do than just sitting behind the pc the entire day. Alice recommended me to start drawing! When she said drawing, the first thing I thought of was Pokémon Art Academy, a great game for 3DS. However, I don't have a 3DS. But I decided to look up videos of the game on YouTube, and try to follow the lessons on paper. That will be quite a challenge and I'll have to change some techniques they use in the lessons, as I can't erase markers, for example. I also don't have an endless supply of colours. But nonetheless, this will be fun, and we'll see what I can do!

    The first Pokémon I drew was obviously Pikachu. Pikachu is plain and simple the most iconic Pokémon of the franchise. I like him quite a bit too!
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    I think I did quite good at this one, actually, especially since it was my first try on drawing in like years.
  2. Froakie! I didn't actually really know this Pokémon, it might be one of the newer ones.
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    Drawing this didn't go as smooth, as the right eye didn't really go at the place I wanted it to go. I tried to make up for it a bit, but I couldn't really help the eyes being quite far apart. I then realised blue + yellow = green, and real life works much differently than Art Academy on a 3DS. I also noticed it's quite hard to make something white when you've already coloured it, so you can't really see the nose very well. I think I'll try to make my next one (if I make another one) with a different material (if I have a different material). What I'm using right now is wax crayons.
  3. Try drawing an outline with pencil and then coloring it in. :) That's what I do, and yeah, Froakie is one of the new ones.
  4. My Own Pokemon:
  5. Coloring it in with what material? If I ever continue this, I'll try some different materials for sure.
    Currently, I'm making something else though: Super Paper Mario Kart. Yeah, Mario Kart as a board game! ^.^
  6. I personally think pencil outline combined with colored-pencil coloring works best for drawings.
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