577 Days On the Empire and All I Have Is This Lousy T-Shirt?

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  1. I've been here for a LONG time... I was cleaning out some space on my computer and came across a folder of old screenshots from EMC, so I thought I'd share. I've grouped them a bit for convenience. These are just things and events that I have pictures of, but feel free to share any other memories of times long past:

    ^the park

    ^City Hall

    ^Some of the original citizens

    ^A small part of the city center

    ^Amadai's house on smp3. Still one of the best creations I've ever seen, and the reason I think we need a Museum world.

    ^My statue of Justin and his banhammer... from my original res on smp3

    ^Part of my winning entry in Scarligmione's (I think) Garden Contest.

    ^EMC: Where creepers really do hug back.

    ^The day I let loose several hundred snow golems in wild spawn :D

  2. Wow. Thats pretty cool.
  3. First, these are awesome. Second, sup fellow mac user.
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  4. Wish i was around when all this stuff happened :(
  5. The good ol' days
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  6. Global chat lol
  7. 2013-07-06_21.54.37.png
    Me From 2 Minutes ago... Good times :p
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  8. Miss it :(
    Thanks dude... I wanna remake that sword amadai made...
    Too bad all their reses are gone :(
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  9. I am only 133 days on the server and all this stuff sounds awesome. I am a mod on another server and i kicked myself with the reason as lol. Whatever supporter city was it sounds awesome. Justin is the flibbin bomb and i wish he was still on more than once a month. My new business is being named after him (Justinguy memorial tree farm) and I am trying to get ahold of one of his heads and a book signed by him. Now you have to look very hard for awesome creations. ICC is still awesome and crazy like that but now you don't see him much because he uses /vanish a lot. Also, I would have loved to seen the skilled_creeper thing and I have no idea about the thing with the snow golems. EMC is the bomb but i would like to see more of this now a days. It seems like since The EMC has grown so big the admins and staff are dealing with the 60k members and no longer have time for trolling and pranks. I would like to see more of that now.

    While you ponder this please enjoy this complimentary funny cat picture:
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  10. mba2012, you still have that as your signature from my suggestion thread?
  11. Guy from the res to the right looks up...
    "All I has is trees :("
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  12. It's crazy when you look back and think how far away it really was, but how short it felt. For those of you in the thread saying you wished you had "back in the day" memories as well, imagine what you can tell people 500 days from now. And they will think your memories ate just as awesome.that's the best part of an ever changing community, you lose a lot of people, but you keep all the great memories.
  13. 'smooch, what's the mob limit for /wild spawn? I have extra iron, and I'd like to repeat that snow golem event with iron golems
  14. 250 :)
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  15. Thanks! so yea... I'll get on that. anyone want to donate some pumpkins?
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  16. /v lasluin on smp1... She had an auto pumpkin farm :)
  17. What ever happened to andrew?
  18. as far as I know, he still comes on every so often... I never see him though
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