5172 open again for Halloween!

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  1. As the title says I have set move to true on 5172 again for Halloween! Come and buy all the pumpkins you need to decorate your res!
    The pumpkins are sold for 1r per 16 pumpkins.
    do not buy excessive amounts of pumpkins!
    People who do will be banned from the res.
    Current amount of pumpkins: 25,575+

    Background info:
    5172 is a massive pumpkin farm I created back in May. It creates about a stack of pumpkins a minute. More info here:
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  2. Please be nice and only buy what you need, so everyone can buy some.
    Current amount of pumpkins: 60,000+

    Well :p
  3. Believe it or not someone once came and bought over 7 DCs of pumpkins which is over 24,000 pumpkins.
  4. How much did this cost you to build and would you be willing to build it again for another player on another res for a sum of rupees?
  5. This cost me somewhere around 50k + tons of time to build. Sorry, but I really don't want to build this again because it would take about 3x longer without flying. It also doesn't fit on regular res's.
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  6. Again with please do not buy excessive amounts of pumpkins!
    Someone (who I will not name) has been coming in and buying well over 6 DCs. I sell the pumpkins this cheap so that everyone can afford them, and I feel I am being take advantage of when people do this. I have decided that anyone else who does this with have their move permissions removed from the res. I don't want to have to do this, but I also don't want people taking advantage of my kindness.
  7. Halloween is here! i can't believe some shops are selling Christmas stuff, we need to get those ready as well as thanksgiving...
  8. Welp, I'm all out of pumpkins. You can thank the people who did exactly what I asked not to do above. I'll AFK some more this weekend to try and get more pumpkins.
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