50K dead

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  1. In honor of my 50,000th zombie pigman kill on Empire Minecraft, I shall post this thread telling you that I just killed my 50,000th zombie pigman on Empire Minecraft.
  2. Uh... Congratulations? :rolleyes:
  3. Congratz? :confused:
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  4. Hot dam dude you're the man!!! But remember U can't be better than the dragonborn until you've killed at least 1 million...
  5. May I ask why you counted them all?
  6. lol you placed me at #137 on the TEXP thing (I used to be #136)
  7. your kill counts by mob show up on your stats page.
  8. where?

    EDIT: nvm I found it
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  9. why so blunt?
  10. Cool.

    May I ask how you know how many you killed?
    I ask, because my MC esc/stats are not accurate, maybe stats reset every version like from 1.7 to 1.8 ?
  11. They are different depending on smp that I know.
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