500th-Day Celebration

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  1. Well folks, the day fast approaches. Thursday, July 11th, is officially my 500th day on EMC. And to celebrate, I'm hosting my first ever Drop Party. There'll be cake, fireworks, valuables and rarities, and of course, books. ;)

    When: The party begins around 6:30pm EST (GMT-5) with the Drops taking place at 7pm
    Where: 16087, SMP8, "Lavafall" room. I'll be changing the res teleport to the back yard for the duration of the party, it'll be easy to find.
    Among the usual items up for grabs are a few special treats:
    • 4x each "1,000 Rupees" and "500 Rupees" vouchers. Each of these can be sold to shop chests in the room for the specified amount.
    • Beacon! A huge thanks to DarkBlades for cutting me a deal on this one.
    • "Tiger Mask Certificate" - Whoever gets this gets something very rare indeed: my head. I do not give it out freely anymore and there are only two other official "Tiger Masks" on EMC, so if you're an avid head-collector or just very desperate to mount a tiger on your wall, this is one of the few chances you'll get!
    And seeing as I'm not the only one who's endured 500 days of you folks, I encourage everyone to pay canuckshockey's celebration a visit once this has ended - his picks up at 9pm EST, see linked thread for details. ;)

    It's been great fun so far comrades, here's looking forward to 500 more!
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  2. EDIT: Happy 500th. *Confetti*
  3. I'll try and make it :)
  4. Yay confetti! Thank you!

    I look forward to seeing you there

    Preparations are fairly well complete now. :) The droppers are loaded, the res teleport has been set to the South entrance, and Skyhome's back yard is set for the post-Drop celebrations (free cakes and pies available)!
  5. The party kicks off in less than two hours! :D Bring a friend, or several, everyone is welcome to come!
  6. I got up early just for this Kephras, at the moment it's 5:40 in the morning.
    I'll be on smp8 in a bit.
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  7. Hope to be there, and happy 500

    Going to be a little late, but I will come
  8. Thanks guys :) T-minus-30 minutes, Drops in 1 hour!

    Wow man, thank you, haha... wasn't my intent to screw with anyone's sleep, but I'm glad you'll put in an appearance :)
  9. I got some too! :D GREAT party, by the way. Utter chaos, just the way it should be. :)

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  10. Some pics of my own:

    Thanks to everyone who came, this has been one of the best days on EMC I've ever had :D

    And a special shout-out to Bunkerllama, Baby_Cookies, and LamarRamal for the last photo, you guys are the best <3
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  11. That's a lot of Folks
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  12. cool texture pack
  13. lol no big deal, just standing by the door xP :p
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  14. It's the Painterly Pack, I use it as well, it's at painterlypack.net
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  15. Well, it's based on Painterly anyway. Mine is a customized variant put together with some help from my girlfriend and input from other New Atlantia members, and fractal artwork from DevArt user Plankye (used with permission).
    You're welcome to use it if you wish: Dropbox
    Derpy ".zip.zip" double-extension because I had "hide file extensions" on when I zipped it.

    Oh, and because I am a jerk and forgot earlier, I Like A Pig and Jetfire deserve some extra kudos as well for hosting their own post-drop Drop Party from my balcony when my droppers ran dry. As well as Hijaxk who tossed me some extra goodies to give out, just before the event.
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  16. Hey! I brought extra pie that I made myself! Doesn't that count for anything?
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  17. Pie always counts for something :D