[500th day celebration part 2] Drop Party!

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  1. Hey, so as many of you in my horse egg giveaway (http://empireminecraft.com/threads/500th-day-horse-egg-giveaway.27495/ <----- There) know, i'm having a DP. Unfortunately it was postponed until July 11th but now is the time! it will be on SMP at /v BrenRGerm in the Drop Party room (duh). Donations are gracefully accepted and the time will be 9PM eastern, 6PM western (my time zone) and the rest of you will have to figure it out for yourselves :p. there is rupees, enchanted books, diamonds, emeralds and tons more goodies! *This post may be edited*
  2. 1st of all what day is it going to be? today is July 10th, and that means the party would've started... about 45 min ago
  3. haha just realized that, fixed.
  4. wait is it over?

    Edit: Stupid Minner, its tomorrow, see you in 23 hours
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  5. Hope to be there, if I miss it happy 500 days
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  6. I'll bring some fireworks :)
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  7. DP starting in 20 minutes- 1/2 an hour! 6141 SMP3