500th day AMA

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  1. Today is my 500th day, a lot of stuff has gone by. Ask me anything and ill try to respond to most I can.

    I may do a small giveaway but I'm not sure what the community wants, so I'll try and figure that out soon .
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  2. Happy 500th Day on EMC! :D
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  3. Do you think I'm pretty?
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  4. Happy 500th!

    1. How did you get your MC name?
    2. How did you find out about EMC?
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  5. Happy 500th day!
    I am happy to have met you here on the empire when I first joined, and you have been a great friend ever since.
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  6. Have you ever made a giant pixelated Mario in minecraft?
    Happy 500 days :DDDDDDD
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  7. Can you lick your elbow?
    Can you post a picture of yourself for us all to see?
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  8. Happy 500th day!
    Do you like Beaker or do you just like that photo?
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  9. I have never seen you lol

    I used to have a name southpark348 but then retired it by one number according to the sequence code I use within this set of numbers, and I did watch southpark back then.

    I found Emc after my old server I was apart of decided to stop hosting so, then I began searching for a stable server, basically one with no lag and none of that faction stuff, came across Emc and it passed all of my checklist for a great server.

    No I have not and thanks.

    I can lick my elbow but I choose not to.
    I may post a picture of myself some day but some of you have already seen me, and one person on this community has seen me Irl.
    The photo is just a classic and I did like the muppets back then because it was a creative idea.
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  10. What is your favourite build you have made on EMC?
    I remember the day you came on to SMP2 and said, lol, i just watched you guys destroy an entire res on the live map.
  11. My favorite I made on Emc, hmmm I do not have one yet but I'm in the works of my greatest project. And that res I decimated back in the day on smp2 was my wooden tower res as shown here:

    Long ago, fun times
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