5000 Calorie Diet

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  1. Does anyone know any diet that contains 5000 calories. I need to get fat, I'm very skinny.
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  2. Eat lots of junkfood?
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  3. Eat only McDonalds.
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  4. Hmmm Taco Bell 5 layer burrito 99cents lol used to eat about 4 for dinner. I think they have a lot of calories never felt they effects because I was still playing college football and it was offseason. So yea 5am workouts were so much fun lol
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  5. Tbh I have to eat like... 5 Big Macs if I were to have a 5k diet from McDonalds, plus its not healthy. I want a more moderate to healthy diet.
  6. Steak and eggs and toast then can't beat that
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  7. Mmm sounds good for breakfast but I think I can't afford steak everyday:D
  8. This is true!
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  9. Fats in food help you gain weight faster than calories, so meat should be a good choice to gain weight.
    Edit: The other posts suggesting meat hadn't shown up when I posted this.
  10. I am the same... I have such a high metabolism that whatever I eat gets burned up fast that I can not gain weight. It is really frustrating.
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  11. Ooo and a salad hmmm dangit contr got craving streak now lol
  12. Mmmmm sirloin :p

    EDIT: Dear god I'm hungry now also...
  13. The same with me, im just like a flat frog XD
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  15. You should actually not eat a lot of fat to gain weight. You can gain weight while eating healthy foods. Even healthy foods have plenty of calories. Eat (mostly - the occasional steak will not hurt you) lean meats. Protein will help you build muscles - which is a much more attractive way to bulk up than adding fat deposits to your body. Lift weights - eat starches along with a balanced diet- Plenty of fruits and veggies.

    Remember, skinny people can have heart problems. Dumping an obscene amount of cholesterol into your diet is not the best way to go about it.
  16. just do what this guys does ;)

  17. i dont want any one to die so
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  18. That could have feed a entire Village in Africa for a week.....Smh lol
  19. Eat lots of carbs and naturally sugary fruits :) Healthy and delicious. All of this steak talk is making my mouth water. I could so go for a huge bit of marinated steak, salad, baked spuds and mushrooms. Om nom nom.
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