500 Days on EMC!

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  1. Hey Empire today was my 500th day on EMC! No, unfortunately there will be no giveaway as I am currently making myself broke for my new library, and The Brotherhood of Wolves. So instead I'm doing a little AMA, but first I must make some acknowledgements.
    And yes feel free to AMA!

    First I want to acknowledge Hash98 and gwormn for being the two people who brought me to EMC in the first place. Then JustinGuy and GameKribJeremy for running the small great server and driving it to greatness. Then I would like to acknowledge Eclipsys for being a good friend here on EMC and a really good Brother! (Brotherhood people, as I have no real relation to him IRL.)
    I am also going to thank the following for interactions on the forums. (If you do not see a mention of you do not despair, I had little time when I typed this)

    • penfoldex
    • Aikar
    • maxy969
    • Mrlegitislegit
    • JackBiggin
    • pat2011
    • Equinox_Boss
    • IceCreamCow
    • SparerToaster
    • SoulPunisher
    • HylianNinja
    • Jeanzl2000
    • natfan
    And last of all... the greatest of all time

    ALL 55,000 MEMBERS OF EMC!!!!!!
  2. +1 for mentioning everyone.

    Favorite band?
  3. Uh, I listen to no bands. BUT producers are. A different story.
  4. Lol, I got mentioned.
    Why am I mentioned? Specifically. :p
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  5. Sp
    Specifically, house music and the fact we have interacted a bit on the forums! :D
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  6. Aww yeah... I got mentioned.
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  7. Another one, what is your profile picture?
  8. A giant battling a giant dragon!
  9. I love you too. ;)

    Congrats on 500 :D
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  10. ewwwww! fluff, your OLD! :eek:
    nice texture pack, by the way
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  11. Relatively speaking :p
  12. Congratulations!
  13. Thank yous, all around!
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