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  1. Is it really that time already?? Has Empire Minecraft really experienced 500 days of a flaming shadow? Oh very well, let the novel commence!! (AMA and Giveaway are located at the bottom, for those of you who don’t want to read this)

    It all began on a bus ride to school, almost a year and a half ago, towards the middle of my sophomore year, interestingly enough. I was sitting towards the middle of the bus, absently twiddling my thumbs (yes, you read that correctly; don’t judge), when I felt an urge to converse with the boy directly behind me. I needed something else with which to occupy myself, so I decided to engage him. I introduced myself, and he did likewise. His name is Brookes. We conversed for a bit, and the conversation turned towards Minecraft. At that time, I would consider myself a mediocre Minecraft player, playing when I had nothing better to do, and I wasn’t particularly intrigued by it. Little did I know, that was destined to change.

    Eventually, though, Brookes uttered five syllables which will never, as long as I am living, be erased, eradicated, removed, eliminated, obliterated, or otherwise expunged from my memory: Empire Minecraft. I had only ever been involved in one other server before this, so I was hesitant to explore the vast Minecraft network when he mentioned it. Nevertheless, I returned home from school that day, and my curiosity overtook me. I whipped out my MacBook Pro, opened up Minecraft, furiously typed in “smp1.empire.us”…and received a disheartening disconnect message in red text. Ironically, I didn’t bother reading it; I simply tried again and achieved precisely the same result. This time I read the message, and registered on the fora per the provided instructions.

    I successfully logged in, and instantly became immersed in the community, I think a little excessively, because almost immediately after I had answered the final tutorial question, I went to 413, Todd_Vinton’s former megamall, and spent nearly all of my starting rupees on a full set of diamond armor. I suppose I had naively assumed that damage was enabled in the town, but oh well. Anyway, I checked the player list and noticed that one of Brookes’s friends, gwormn, was online as well, so I visited his residence, which I remember quite well. It boasted a large sandstone pavilion, its floor decorated with a series of redstone lamps which, when the redstone circuitry was activated, turned on and off in sort of a snaking pattern. Brookes (Hash98) came online shortly thereafter, and the first thing he noticed was my diamond armor. “Wow, diamond armor already :)” was his message to me. Unfortunately, I think he had to leave almost immediately afterwards, but those few moments on Empire Minecraft had left an everlasting impression on me.

    Eager to further immerse myself in the Minecraft—ahem, Empire Minecraft—world, I joined the server almost every day after that. I would talk to players, build random things on my residence only to tear them asunder, visit the wild, etc. Minecraft was becoming my life. As the days wore on, Hash98 and I became incredibly good friends, as the things we did together became increasingly wilder and more awesome. We performed plays at his amazing Anchorage Theater, built a giant automated wheat farm on his utopia residence, dominated the PvP arenas of smp6, and so much more! Each of us has also had the pleasure of being a supporter, twice now, and delightfully reaped its benefits.

    To conclude, I would be extremely remiss if I did not present a big thank you. Thank you to Hash98, for simply being the amazing person you are! Thank you, moderators of EMC, for ensuring the security of our community! Thank you, all other staff members and the development team, for your contributions to this haven! I guarantee you, EMC would not be what it is without any of these guys. They have done remarkable jobs. :)

    And now the moment you’ve all been avidly expecting (if you’re still following me that is, camera guy), let’s proceed to the giveaway and AMA!

    This giveaway will consist of 10k, AND if you win, I will create part of a song of entirely your choice with note blocks on my residence on smp1 (#1183)! There are currently 0 available slots, listed at the bottom of this tome. Remember, you can only request a number one time! The winner will be selected exactly two weeks from today using Random.org.

    The AMA: Ask me anything you’d like! You can even ask your questions in Latin, as I am very fluent in the language and always enjoy speaking with others. If you do decide to use Latin, please, PLEASE do not use Google Translate; I’ve tried translating an English sentence to English, and the translator still managed to screw it up. :rolleyes:

    Oh, one more item: I own a redstone shop! Its promotional thread has long since expired, and bumping it would be frowned upon, so I am simply saying check it out at #1183 on smp1! Valete (Bye!)

    P.S. If you request to fill a slot, and the OP isn’t updated, don’t worry. I’m not usually signed into the fora daily, but know that I will be updating the list regularly on my computer, and will transfer it over to the thread accordingly.

    3. NathanRP
    7. mman2382
    9. fluffinator09
    14. goreman2000
    15. 607
    17. QuarterShop
    21. BlackKnight1021
    22. Nilex92
    23. Defluxer
    24. JefferyLi2003
    27. zombieslayer010
    31. PureBredGaeilge
    33. porphos
    40. cowland123
    42. TechNinja_42
    49. EffinBatman
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  2. I SHALL BE 09!

    Hmmm, what is better Light or Dark?
  3. List updated.
    Dark. ;)
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  4. Number 23 please and what is your favorite drink (Lighter Fluid, Gas, Coka-Cola)
    Also to fix the 2 spoilers go into edit mode then highlight everything in the spoiler then click the white eraser at the top that says 'Remove Formatting'. =)
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  5. Hmm 24 wow your story of EMC is AWSOME
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  6. List updated.
    Hrm... I'd say Mountain Dew. It's so good!
    Thanks for the tip. :)

  7. Imma read that when I get home, can I have 22?
  8. 31,
    What's your home server and are you involved in any outposts?
  9. List updated.
    I don't know. :p I've been a member of the Underground City for quite a while, but recently there's been a leadership change, and I believe the entire system is getting revamped, so for the moment I can't really answer this. Sorry.
  10. Wow, that's so cool! Thanks for the bus story :)
    And also, the prize for the give away! :o
    So cool.

    I think I've only written a big part in Latin twice. For school you only have to translate to Dutch, but in my spare time I've written a Latin "soap" and a Latin "valentines poem" ;)

    How did you learn so good Latin though?
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  11. That sounds fun!

    Practice. When I was in Latin class, I tried to go above and beyond what was expected of me to ensure that I truly understood the content. I also wrote small stories to practice as well. Now, I'm a member of a Latin forum, which I visit daily, and there is a section in which members can communicate with each other in Latin, and that has helped tremendously.

    No number, 607? ;)
  12. Woops! Thanks, haha :p 15 please :)
  13. 15 is all yours. :)
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  14. Another bump? Possibly?
  15. great story, 14 please :p Where did your IGN come from?
  16. List updated.
    It's funny because somebody just asked me this on the Latin forum...

    I remember seeing another member on a game (Platform Racing 2) with the name "Fire Shadow", and I thought it was pretty cool, so I decided that I would use it everywhere I could, and I can say that I have been doing just that. I'm not entirely sure where the "52" came from, but I like the flavor it provides. ;)
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  17. There are still 43 available slots just longing for people to fill them!