500 day Partay and AMA!

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  1. Hey guys! As many mannyyy Of you know I'm J_A_D_E_1_6 And i'm coming up on my 500th day on emc! :D
    So Imma do a AMA and on the day of my 500th I will have a greifing party :D
    Greifing will be at 3792 - It is not yet set up but I will be putting down all sorts of blocks (In including Diamond blocks, Gold blocks, Iron blocks, ect ect :D

    --Partay will be July 12th At 7pm EST (This may change as I am going to warped tour the 11th)

    Ask anything!
    Although I reserve the right to not answer a question :3

    Only 2 Rules to the questions
    -I will not answer for anyone else (Meaning don't ask me "How many toes dose Jack have!!!11?!1"
    -Please make them EMC appropriate

    ------500 Days of fun story timesssss--------
    Well on J_A_D_E_1_6 I spent all of my time on smp9, Building, getting lost with deathtomb8953 in the wild on the way to a base and being a derp! :D I got a DC of emeralds, Auctioned it and just mostly played with villagers :) I ran an enchant shop for a while and then Build my mod statues! I had built every mod at the time (Krysyy was added a day late and I had run out of space)

    This account was then banned fo haxing

    And before I even get the

    "YO DAWG U'S A BAD PERSON!11!" I've learnt from my mistake and Only run EMC aloud mods :D
    (Currently using Forge, Macro mod, Optifine, Rei's minimap, and Schematica!)

    Anyway Back to fun story time :D

    I want to thank Bemvino87, Deathtomb8953, MoeMacZap, and everyone from my smp9 times for Making me love EMC so much :D

    Soon after I was banned I jumped onto my brothers account (Jcplugs)

    I claimed a res on smp9, Moved in and made myself at home :3
    Started doing enchanted again, Made even moar friends, Anddd yeah :D

    One day while I was just browsing the forums I found a post called "EMC con" So I clicked it, read it, and listened to the event when it happened. There was a dood. with a pretty rad voice. So I messaged him and I've been married to him voice ever since :D (AlexChance)
    I moved to smp2 To be friends with him and he helped me build my sugar cane farm :D I soon moved my res's over and Made smp2 my new home. I met Itsmematheus, Eklektoi, Kevdudeman and many..many more. Smp2 was so nice and lovely But smp5 called my name. Ahzeriel, Portalshoo2er, Heyaroo, Shon14, nickjwolfe, Dwight5273, wassatthen, All called my name to smp5! So I moved a few res's there, Put some alts around on there and settled in. I soon met Pandaseatramen and Sonicol1. They had recently moved in and we quickly became friends \o3o/

    In my time on smp5 I made a shop called ThugMart.. I had the most annoying floor and it was off by a block. It was the derpiest shop you had EVER seen But. None the less It was mine. I loved making people happy by having a shop and letting them get some rupees by selling to me and My friends expanded by owning a shop, More people got to know me.

    Smp2 was just..It was amazing to be on such an active server and with such great people. So I moved back. I still have 10002 on smp5 but i do not run Thugmart there anymore.

    While on smp2, I live on many servers! I spend some time on all the servers but I think smp2 will anyways be my home :D

    ---Friends I've made not listed above! (Sorry if I mess up your names.. Im a bit tired.. xD)
    All the staff mostly haha, Blackstone71, Inuyasha1204, Cordial_pie, Crazy1800, Crazy1080, Deathconn, Samsimx, Ninjaboy5656, Penfoldex, Weirdmanicao, Azricer, Azhamster, Todd_vinton, eclipsys, Faithcaster, BussGIL, bitemenow15, qwertyip, Theminner333, DerekFawns, And so Many many mannyyyy More I feel like if I tired to put in this thread the Amount of nice and lovely would explode all over and make a terrible mess..maybe It would be a nice mess. Who knows.

    So thanks EMC!
    Too 500 days and 500 more!

  2. Gratz on 500!
    Do you think I'm pretty?
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  3. Do you like muffins?
    Congrat's on 500 pugs. ;DDDDDD
  4. Yes you and your derpy backwards upside down face :D
    I have a thing for Almond poppy seed muffins..
  5. I'm a friend \o3o/ woot! Anyways:

    Favorite mod?

    Also when is the date of the party gurl! (Or chocobo lady :D)
  6. Shh... Requote my question :p
    My favorite is muffin flavor. :3
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  7. Do you think nick5013 is pretty?
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  8. She already answered xD
  9. Updated :)

    Mod being liekkk Moderator? That'd be alex:p
    As in liek Game wise The chocobo mod! Never got too many chocobos.
    Orr emc mod wise probs reis or Macro mod..
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  10. so special story about me? smh :p
  11. EMERGAWD! *idea lightbulb* You need a pen ( wonder where you find one with 30 chocobos in it already) and you get someone to fly up ( hmmm where to get that person ) and have 99 chocobos and take a screenshot and have the caption " I got 99 problems but chocobos ain't one of them!"
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  12. Congratulations on your 500 EMC days.
    What is my real name?
  13. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    Follow up question: Would a woodchuck chuck wood if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    Follow up question #2: If a woodchuck could chuck wood, would said woodchuck want to chuck wood at wandering woodchucks which chuck wood at other woodchucks?
  14. Dawww I remember helping you build thug mart. Good Times. =) Happy 500 days to one of the best friends in the whole earth. \030/
  15. Whoawhoawhoawhoa... you're married to alexchance? *newsflash*
    Anyways. What are all of your account's names? :3
  16. Ikr So amazing ;3
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  17. Hi. I don't hold animals, sorry.
    Where have you been? :p

    Congrats on 500th day! Yay, I'm mentioned! :D
    Ever going to do that wool thing on smp1? :p
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  18. Bro, do you even sandwich? :confused:
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  19. What's your favorite way to troll Alex?
    Grats on 500!