50,000 Members!

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Are you interested?

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  1. So we are about 1000 members away from 50,000 so I thought we should organize a massive party as 50,000 is a major milestone for us. The only problem is thats all I have come up with so far. I need your help, the communities help, and all of EMC's help to mark this milestone down in the book :) .
  2. If i finish 2515 in time, then Ill do a nice drop party!
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  3. Dragon egg for everyone!
  4. Lol or maybe the Mods are Saving the dragon tomb Update for this milestone
  5. Free bacon for all? 1337 rupees? Oh the possibilities...
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  6. Let's not get our hopes up.
  7. I got it!

    50,000Rupees for everyone! Lets have fun with the economy!
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  8. I call not suplying it!
    Or there could be a thread with a free 50k link...
  9. Oh! A massive 48 hour party so everyone who wants to attend should be able to attend! And the party could take place on all the servers!
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