5 Waterfalls in one area

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  1. while exploring in smp6 i found this...pretty cool
    It does amaze me how epic some of the scenery Minecraft will generate, we almost need server national parks.
  2. Very nice.. reminds me of a song....

  3. Nice video, but there were no dancing girls on smp6, just creepers chasing me out into the water...
  4. Contrary to Dwight's song, by all means, DO go chasing waterfalls. And take screenshots.
  5. I suppose someone could make a minecraft version of that song? Change the lyrics a bit, and away we go....

    Now a few thousand blocks away i found this area, it was a "blacked-out" area on the map so I assume no one set it up. (Myself included). I moved on quick so I wouldn't end up in a creeper night battle and have nothing but craters left... 2014-01-03_20.41.51.png
    sorry about running the "fast" graphics, I am doing all of this on a laptop that isn't so fast. But the area was fairly large and had so many flowers...is this a new sub biome that I am not aware of?
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  6. Flower Forrest.

    You'll also find plains with many sunflowers on it - Sunflower Plains Biome.

    Yea, there's lots of interesting new biomes. I love it. :)