5 Great Reasons Trump Should Be President

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  1. Ah, Donald Trump. The man gets almost more hate than he deserves. (Almost). So to help balance the ledger, here are a few reasons why making him the nation's ultimate CEO might not be so bad after all...

    5. The Perfect Running Mate.
    He already comes with his own VP! Plus, he's been emulating the style of another great American figure for years already. Give the man his due.

    Trump & Possum 2016!

    4. Helping the Economy - and Tourism!
    Washington DC's tourism industry gains a healthy boost, more jobs in the nation's Capitol, and best of all your winnings (and losses) are tax-deductible, when Trump unveils plans for the new Smithsonian National Casino!

    3. An ever-changing Cabinet.
    Fifteen executives go in, but only one comes out on top! Tune in next week to find out who makes the cut in TV's newest hit series, "The Apprentice: Capitol Hill."

    2. Epic Kaiju Brawl!
    By winning the presidency, Trump's ego will finally grow large enough to challenge the mighty Kanye West! Will the Commander In Chief "trump" the Music Mogul, or will West be the Best of all time? Bear witness to their city-destroying battle royale!
    Winner to face Godzilla in the semifinals.

    1. Those Two Magic Words...
    Donald Trump to Barack Obama: "You're fired."

    *This is a joke thread, obviously. Be sensible.
    Else I may ask the mods to go Pacific Rim on you.
  2. My mortal body has never laid eyes on such a beautiful combination of letters as this one.
  3. Donald Trump > Bernie Sanders
  4. Maybe he'll even get the WWE involved as well, and I'm sure that would be a brilliant strategy. Whatcha gonna do when the WWE... Oh wait, wrong era.

    Do I get my Pacific Rim ticket now? ;)
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  5. Now I just need ideas for a Hillary thread... unless someone else wants to make one.
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  6. I'm just chilling... In Cedar Rapids.
    "Chillary Clinton"
    I think that everyone that is currently voting for Trump is doing it as a joke, and America would be circling the drain for the next 4 years if their "joke" becomes reality.
    Why would anyone give a man who filed for bankruptcy multiple times take the wheel in leading the economy?

    EDIT: I just saw what you added in the bottom in black
    ^nice touch if I may say so
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  7. I'm sure you can do just as well with that one XD It's a lot easier to make fun of actors though. I can only imagine the smear campaign reagan had to deal with.... oh no that whole history repeating thing...

    I think there is much better reasons to come up with. A la, OP.
  8. 6. Just to read the headline "Trump trumps Deez Nutz in yesterday's Ballots"
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  9. It warms my heart to know that there are people out there as annoyed with Kanye as much as I am. ^-^

    This thread was absolutely beautiful, by the way. Your sense of humor is rivaled by quite few in our community. I like when it makes an appearance here and there. :)
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  10. One of my favorite sayings to my single friends, "Don't settle. Find someone who will love you as much as Kanye loves Kanye."
  11. No one will ever love you as much as Kanye loves Kanye. The Princess Bride, Titanic, Romeo & Juliet, and Twilight combined will never equal the romance that man finds in the mirror.
  12. I can't even entertain the thought as a joke. It's too painful XD
  13. Aww, did I break your funnybone? D:
  14. This is a beautiful thing.
  15. this is a master piece.
  16. Donald Duck > Donald Trump. I say Aikar for president!
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  17. You go ahead but it shouldn't be difficult.
  18. Plus you gotta love Trump's sense of humor, like how he recently claimed he's leading in polls with black voters. He's a real comedian.
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  19. If you want to channel your inner "Kanye-fidence" can always visit this site.
  20. I am too afraid of the implications to click that. :eek: