5 2012 EMC fireworks price check.

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  1. Could i get a price check on these?
  2. Each is at least 20k. So 20 times 5... 100k! :D

    (Auction them off and you'll get a lot of rupees)
  3. i would say there value is around 35-40k a piece at the moment. :)
  4. id say a good 35k each, 5x35=175k!
  5. ~30k each so 150k ;)
  6. As i said on SMP4, atleast 1 rupee a piece. The others above me have just confirmed this.
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  7. I don't approve, I change my appraisal to 3 rupees for it all.
  8. Well obviously, Whatever happened to them goig for like 60k each?
  9. I recommend not auctioning more than 2 at a time, preferably 1. You'll make more money as people will be willing to go up to 30-35k a piece rather than buying in bulk for 20k a piece. Just a thought but do whateva you want with em, I'm just judging by the lack of success of previous auctions like this
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  10. 20k is too low, that's less than what people bought them for.
  11. Can you guys just stop.
  12. Oh, that' the price for at least 2013. I'm guessing 60k now then.
  13. Checked some semi-recent auctions.. seemed to be between 25-40k... Didn't check very hard though
  14. Probably at least 30k! I think 60k is a way too high price for a firework, (even if it's an EMC one).
  15. Bummer. But 30k is more than i payed for them so i guess i should be happy.
  16. How much did you buy for?
  17. I think that the retail price for them was 25k, that is what i payed for them.
  18. Well then if you put them up for 30k, you'll be making more rupees. :)