4x Grinder 2 zombie and 2 skeli [SMP1]

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  1. Hi
    i just made an Epic mob grinder it is a 2 zombie 2 skeli Setup Already and first person to buy it gets the coods

    Selling For 10k, Ideal for Enchantment Shop Owners!
  2. do all spawners activate @ the same time?
  3. 10k more info though
  4. i will pay 10k if i get more information!
  5. No, there is a room for the player to go afk while spawning and mobs and when in the spawning room it will activate all 4 spawners
  6. i was first :D
  7. ok will i pay 10k now?
  8. edit text much
  9. Nfell gets it... but... but coffee was first to post.
  10. what????? :( i posted i will pay 10k
    he said he will pay 7.5k the he changed it to 10k when i said i will buy it
  11. acctully give it coffee_bullet
  12. really thx so much nfell :D
    :D :D :D :D :D :D
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  13. Well that is nice nfell so coffee gets the grinder
  14. no problem i got loads anyways :D
  15. do i pay 10k now?
  16. Yes, and il msg you the coods
  17. :( I would have paid 14k oh well.
  18. Ok, i sent you the coods on smp1 via /tell
  19. btw which outpost