4r Iron!

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  1. Smp1 1052!

    Iron 4r each!

    Remember you have vault so if your from a different server you can still buy it!;)

    (To use vault you type /vault)

    (It does cost 10r each time your open it)
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  2. I remember the day when 7r iron was cheap... *sigh*
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  3. Must, get on, Now!
  4. I remember when iron was 13r for an ingot.
    EDIT- A picture if you don't believe me.
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  5. I wish i could sell it for that much, but people out there keep lowering they're prices and I just have to keep up with it. :(
  6. Bumpity Bump Bump!
  7. oh those were the days...
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  8. Those were the days when you could actually make money..
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  9. People dont buy for high prices anymore.
  10. umm i'll buy beacons for 50k
  11. Okay, pay me 2.4mil and I'll give you my 48 beacons. :p