45000 block rail way in smp 6

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  1. I made a rail way that connects all the wild spawns together underground. I know you can teleport from spawn to spawn but I really hate pressing W when I am out there in the wild and want to get back but also don't want to die and leave my gear. Any way if you want a tour of the many Mob grinders I built (one has 5 spawners in it) hit me up and ill show you around. Remember please don't steal or grief please. It took me 4 months to build. thanks for reading my post

  2. This is cool but.... why again?
  3. because when im out in the wild I hate having to press W when I want to get back to town
  4. Yeah I stumbled upon your railway when I saw someone had built it right on the edge of my friend's base. Did you even ask ? :confused:

    I mean it's a cool idea and it's well built, but now he has to worry about more people finding his place and griefing it more so since anyone can just ride right up to it.
  5. You don't have to ask to build things in the wild. As long as you aren't destroying someone elses build or on an "established outpost" you can build wherever you want. :D

    also, if your friend wanted his base to be secret... he probably shouldn't have built it inbetween the outposts. or straight north/south/west/east of spawn.
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