4390 Mega Mall is almost open!!!!

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  1. Hello EMC! Yes, the 4390 Mega Mall has opened! With my brother by my side, we will start stocking up the store, and it will probably be stocked up by 2/2/16. I'd like to thank ShelLuser, AyanamiKun, and BearInATux for putting items in my store. Thanks so much guys! The mall wouldn't be open without you!
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  2. ur excited, i can understand, but dont overdo it ;)

    u go Kitty!!!

    maybe u could also post some pics 4 us? that could be cool, i know u can build nice stuff, so why not? ^.^

    then a good tip for u: don't add shop tag b4 you have stock. otherwise ppl may come to ur shop and dont want to come back b/c they think you dont sell stuff.

    can't wait! imma try 2 get some sneak peaks later 2day ^.^
  3. dude... if u dont like her posts then why bother 2 respond? just ignore the thread, then u also dont get alerts about new posts which u may also dont like and then the thread wont get out of control like it did in the past. also: if those threads didnt got locked then Kitty didn't have to start another one just now.

    just leave it already.
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  5. awesomesauce! ^.^

    ill be online in a few hours and will defo check it out Kitty!
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