40k giveaway - 500th day and birthday

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  1. Giving away the bulk of my rupees.

    1st prize: 25k.
    2nd prize: 10k.
    3rd prize: 5k.

    Vote in the poll to be entered, winners will be chosen using random.org on Sept. 12, which is my birthday.

    Post that you want to be entered.

    Tomorrow is my 500th day, the 12th is my birthday btw.

    Good luck.
  2. Sounds exciting :)
    Edit: I want to enter :)
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  3. Erm, I messed up. I can't see who voted, so please post that you want to be entered.
  4. I entered in the poll! This is awesome!
  5. Congrats on 500!
    I'd like to enter, please. :)
  6. Happy 500th day and birthday :)
  7. <Pro!

    You're fat >:u

    Happy congratulations on being an old fatty
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  8. Please enter Melk! :D
  9. Btw if you couldn't tell that I wanted to be entered here you go

  10. I want to be entered :)
  11. CONGRATULATIONS, Count me in!
  12. Join me in as well please! Congrats!
  13. I'd like to be entered, and happy 500th day! :)
  14. Congrats on 500 days :)
    I would love to be included in the poll ;)
  15. I'd love to be entered!
    Congratulations! :D
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  16. I'd love to enter, free stuff!
  17. Congrats on 500! Count me in on that poll please. :D
  18. I'd like to be entered, and congrats!!
  19. congrats :D

    i would like to be entered
  20. I would like to enter my friends wisepsn, and mba2012. Not myself. Thank you. :p