400 Days

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  1. So I really wasn't paying attention until just a bit ago on Mumble when Melk told me Happy 400th Day. Sooo.....I pretty much have no idea what to do ._. I don't really have much to give away that anyone would really want. Most of my AMA's have died after only a couple posts. I don't really have anything for a drop party unless you guys want baked potatoes, cocoa beans or netherwart cause those are pretty much the only things I have in bulk.

    Throughout these 400 days I've had ups and downs, made several friends, lost some friends :(, lost count how many times I have torn down and rebuilt my res, it sucks only having one, but someday things will straighten out and I'll be able to go gold or diamond. I've been part of some awesome wild towns, I have been gifted Iron twice and was very grateful :). I've hit 4,339 site posts, 8,998 Likes.

    EMC has been a place for me to come to to get away from the stress of real life many times because life seems to want to chuck more rocks at me for a while.

    So thanks to everyone :)

    I guess now you can ask me stuff? Give me suggestions on what to post here cause I've no idea:

  2. Congratulations Pandas! I think of all the things we have done, but it was sharing your company which made it fun.

    Do you have screenshots of your various residences, adventures, etc? You could post those.
  3. Happy 400th day Pandas! :D Thanks for being one of the sane people ;)
  4. Are you calling me CRAZY?!!?

    Happy 400th day Panda! I hope it's a great one! :)
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  5. There are some here and what didn't get there are here.
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  6. The pictures on imgur are not public :eek:
  7. (/¯。々°)/¯Happy 400th day panda :D!! ヘ(。々°ヘ)
  8. Mybad, try again :D

    Thankies! xDD d-(。々°)-b (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧~(。々°)~ (•_• )''
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  9. congrazzles
  10. Your "You're now my pet" and Finn skin are in the imgur album :3. Thnkies!
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  11. >:D
  12. You can do a party at 4444 :) for 100 rupees :D I just started a parties business :) It'd be fun :D
  13. Happy 400! You can do a scavenger hunt at your res, that doesnt have to be in bulk.
  14. Happy 400th Panda, here's a congragulatory 400 rupees. :)
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  15. Happy 400th!
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  16. Happy 400th! Want to be my best friend?
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  17. Thanks everyone! :D I'll come up with something, even if it isn't held today xD.
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  18. So you will be my best friend?
    i have over 10 best friends :3
  19. Sure :)
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