4 Residences filled with useless fun

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  1. I got my alt diamond and claimed 4 reses with a res clear. Rather than leaving an ugly pit with farms in the bottom I put a ton of packed ice on top so you can zoom around with boats! The reses are connected by a road edit. Boat flag is on for everyone so come and waste your time!

    It is on smp4, res 8810

    smp4 rules
  2. Wow. I must go check this out.
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  3. Utopia res would be better, but checking it out.
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  4. :p
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  5. Yeah, but utopia isn't smp4 :p
  6. Wasting my time is my favorite activity! :p

    Also, what texture packs are you using? I'd love to download them.

    Edit: actually those look like shaders, so which ones are they?
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  7. I'm using r3d.craft 512x texture pack and SEUS shaders v11. The texture pack has a 256, 128, and 64 version too if your pc can't run 512 :p
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  8. Thanks! I'll be sure to check it out.
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  9. Looks awesome! I'll checking it out soon.:)
    I love wasting my time lol:p
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  10. Bump
    I got bored and added an elytra tower thingy with signs showing smp4 landmarks in each direction.
  11. And thus, The Boat Master's Apprentices learn the true way of the boats.
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  12. Can I have it, but in order to change only the clouds?
  13. I don't own them, I downloaded them. The clouds are part of the shaders. You could probably make a pack for just the clouds, but I don't know too much about them or how they work.
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  14. turn boat destroy flag on XD some can shoot it out from under each other also this is beautiful 0-0
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  15. You should do like a boating race :p
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