4.701k Of Post's AMA!

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  1. So as the title says this is my 4,701 post! Feel free to ask me anything!
  2. Thoughts on Eye_Car?
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  3. Do you love being the King of the spammer?
    Do you hate cats?

  4. Thats not right...
  5. Bit weird, but looks nice :)

    Its amazing! Can I be incharge of nothing and yet be king! :D
    Some of them! Only the ones that poo on my land.
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  6. How does it feel to be one of the most known spammers on EMC? *based purely on your Post-to-Like Ratio. Which you took the liberty of pointing out in game
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  7. It feels good with attention! And you said its low ratio other people were talking about it. Im, very talk-a-tive :)
  8. Who is your favorite player (other than yourself) on EMC
  9. Not really sure. I like a lot of people and they like me :)
  10. Why did you randomly give me 1k?
  11. Read the signs at the end grinder :)
  12. Can you randomly give me 1k although it wouldn't really be random considering I'm asking you to give me 1k randomly?
  13. Nah
  14. Yah?
  15. Nah :)
  16. Why is your pic a dog?
    Why do you post so much?
    How many rupees do you have?
    Do you like farting cats?
    Have you watched nyan cat?
    What is a nyan cat?
    Are you a troll?
    Thoughts on lava walls?
    Is nyan cat amusing to you?
    Is keyboard cat real or fake?
    Do you enjoy the use of dogs in minecraft?
    Do you enjoy the use of cats in minecraft?
    Is your favorite movie secondhand lion?
    Have you ever seen secondhand lion?
    Do you like lions?
    Do you like cats?
    Are you a billionare?
    Do you live in Antarctica?
    Is Australia and the Pacific considered a continent to you?
    Do you like Sydney, Australia?
    That's all I got for now, something to keep you busy... You should have seen my AMA... it was insane.
  17. I love her :)
    Because I love to
    2m +
    Not really
    A rainbow pooing chat thats a pop tart
    Funny how he failed :')
    Its amazingly funny
    Never know?
    I hate it when they die >.> I bond with them!
    Never tamed one xD
    Nope but I won 3k on the lotto :)
    Nope UK :)
    Never visited
  18. Yah? :(
  19. NO
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  20. I thought it was a cat that's a pop tart...