3D MegaBuild: My Kirby

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Did you visit my Kirby? And did you like it?

Did not visit 13 vote(s) 40.6%
Visited, I liked it 2 vote(s) 6.3%
Visited, I loved it 14 vote(s) 43.8%
Visited, it's okay 1 vote(s) 3.1%
Visited, did not like it 1 vote(s) 3.1%
Visited, hated it 1 vote(s) 3.1%
  1. Well, it's done.

    Finally, after several long weeks of looking at Schematics from Hasorko to making my own changes to actually building it in SMP2, my 3D kirby is finally done.

    The Kirby itself is on residence 4115, SMP2. Yes, you have move, you may poke it.

    The Viewing platform for best line of sight is at 4253, my res right across the road.

    Feel free to stop by. And feel free to donate to me, wool isn't cheap. And boy, is that a lot of wool.

    Enjoy! 2013-02-09_22.48.09.png 2013-02-09_22.48.11.png 2013-02-09_22.48.19.png
  2. -reserved for donations board and/or updates-
  3. This is boss man you deserve a like :)
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  4. You wanna like my post :I
  5. This is awesome! So happy you got finally got this up! :)
  6. Thanks Az!! It took a while but it feels good to have actually built something pretty much myself, even if I did use Schematica and hasorko's schematic
  7. haha, looks great some nice work there :)
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  8. Thanks so much to all of you!
  9. I gotta go see this since it is on my home server :)
  10. Haha thanks South! I've yet so set up donations chests, sorry about that! I will also sell my helper wool, the wool used to put wool in the right place! But please feel free to donate and/or poke the kirby
  11. WOOOAAAHHH i remember you talking about this! this is AMAZING!
  12. Wow, so detailed.
  13. I remember my friend saying he was building this! I thought it was just classic MC pixel art, but wow!
  14. Looks great! :D i love 3D wool art!
  15. Dear Kirby Almighty, I only have two things to say. One, make a warp star to his side, and 2, make the dragoon underneath. Only way to become better!
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  16. It really looks like it's going to swallow you from that view xD Perfect! Will visit, already love it!
  17. How long did this take to build?
  18. have a window in his mouth