366 days late xD

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Are you a Whovian?

Yes <3 4 vote(s) 20.0%
No 7 vote(s) 35.0%
What is a Whovian....? 9 vote(s) 45.0%
  1. Hello~ My name is Mariah. I can be found on Smp8. I am soon to be 14. I'm pretty shy, and usually don't tend to talk to people first. I just realized that it has been 366 days and I have never done this xD A bit over due if you ask me :p But I like making new friends on EMC, most of you are amazing people. If you want to get to know me, or even be my friend, feel more than free to message me. Unless I am afk, which is rarely (Ironic that I say that as I am afking on 8 right now xD) but unless I am afk, I will answer :D And I know some of you may look at this and be like, "Ugh. 13 year old. She's probably really annoying >:I" but like I said, I am shy, and tend to keep to myself. Unless you become my friend. Then be prepared for some weirdness :p BY THE WAY! I am a big Doctor Who fan. And Supernatural. Psych. Doctor Horrible's sing along blog. Holy Musical B@man. I love music. And honestly, I think PandasEatRamen and catwarrior7 are amazing because they love Doctor Who. And krysyyjane :p And basically any other Whovian <3
  2. Congrats on 1 year! :)
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  3. Thanks! And love the signature :p
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  4. Psych?
    Psych :)
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  5. Yay! Hi Kaja ^^
    To be honest, I always forget you're 13.
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  6. I take it you like Psych?
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  7. What do you mean by forget, silly? :p
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  8. Hiya! :3
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  9. Hello!~
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  10. You don't seem like a typical 13-year-old, of course XD
    Too mature, I suppose.
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  11. Psych :)
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  12. Kura~ Awwhh thanks <3 But too mature? I see how it is >.> :p
    Yankees~ Psych :)
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  13. I take it a Whovian is someone who likes Doctor who.....
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  14. Yep :p
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  15. Ok so:
    Whovian- Doctor who
    Brony- My little pony
    What's next?
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  16. I'm a whovian too :D
    Tenth Doctor is best doctor.
    Fifth Doctor is second best doctor.
    Sooo...how about a Jelly Baby?
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  17. Oh my.... I love you Whovians :D
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  18. Ooh, I joined the day right after the day you joined ^.^ Happy birthday to us both lol.
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  19. And here I was thinking a whovian was someone who lived in Whoville from the Grinch who stole Christmas..
    Oh well xD Hello Kaja!
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