365th Day Celebration, 36,555r giveaway and my EMC Story!

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    My name is samsimx if you don't already know me, this weekend I will be celebrating my 365th day of EMC or my one year anniversary to the day I joined!

    My EMC story:

    I joined EMC, Played it, still play it, will always play it and I WASTED A YEAR OF MY LIFE HERE AND I DON'T REGRET IT AT ALL! ( Just a little ;) )

    Giveaway Rules:
    This closes when my 365th day is over
    1. Comment the number you would like for yourself, out of numbers 1-250, ( So only 250 applicants). Numbers will not be repeated and you will be responsible for picking a number that hasn't already been picked, otherwise your comment will not be acknowledged.
    2. I will be using Random.org to pick a winner, if your number gets picked you win 36,555r and a Samsimx Head which I will post a screenshot of :p
    3. Have fun!

    Grief Party Details:

    1. Go to /v 15061 on Smp7 around 3 PM EST, can show up about 10 minutes before or around 3:10 EST will be starting around 3:15-3:20 EST on June 1st
    2. Everyone will have build flag, container flag and if any others are wished for ask :)
    3. Destroy the res so I can start over! ( Bring Lava and TNT ;) )

    Now at the end of this, Thank you too everyone who has ever helped me in anyway or even just said hello, wish I could could give all of you something! Thank you EMC and Staff! :D 2013-05-31_18.59.43.png
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  2. first... I pick 123
  3. third...23
  4. 46 please :)
  5. 249 man all the way xD
  6. 92 lol happy 365 days
  7. Oh btw this ends when my 365th day is over! Forgot to include that my bad!
  8. 1 please
  9. oh no!!!! good thing i was here already... only 4:30 hours left for meh :D
  10. 140 and congrats :)
  11. Lucky 17 plzzzz! Thanks :D
  12. And happy 365th day!
    i always forget to say that! lol
  13. 66 pl0x mate
    Darn, I don't think I can make it to the grief party :(
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  14. 65 congrats man 1 whole year on this server... you are a god amongst us simple men
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