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  1. Today is mine and Brit's 365th day on EMC. Woot! Sadly because I have no idea what to do and everyone always does giveaways and AMA's I didn't want to be a Submissive sheep "hurhurhur" and do the same thing. I tried to come up with another idea but failed, so I can't decide on what to do :(.

    Basically after having Minecraft and getting lost in my single player world because I took Brit's advice and went on an adventure, getting stuck in the middle of an ocean, I gave up and looked for a Multiplayer server. Found Minecraftopia and tried several servers that sucked and almost gave up. I saw Empire Minecraft, made an account, logged in and kid you not, studied the Guide, then read it again as I went through the tutorial. Someone offered me a room on SMP1 since all the reses were full, he was pretty adamant and when he left, I panicked and logged out then found a place on SMP7. I got Brit to join the same day and we got plots next to each other and built some really ugly houses, took part in the April Fool's Day thing, and countless other things.

    We've made some great friends while here, though we've also made enemies. We've learned how to install Mods and about some pretty cool ones, I even get to be in the EMC Mob mod. We've died numerous times out mining and built some pretty awesome stuff.

    Pretty much our reaction at times when wandering around EMC looking at all the really awesome builds and testing out the 3D items, Fancy graphics, Animated Texturepack items:

    Blahblahblah, I guess now comes the naming part?

    Thanks to friends we've made who put up with us:
    The Mumble Crew

    The LLO Crew
    TREES Group on SMP7
    Pazzo Citizens
    The Staff :D
    There are more, I'm just having a brain fart. :(

    So if you wanna AMA go ahead.
  2. Happy 365th Day on Empire. :D
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  3. Happy 1 year on the Empire :D I hope this day will come for me soon.
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  4. What is your favorite color?
    Do pandas eat ramen?
    Do you like brick block?
    Happy 1 year on emc :D
  5. You got to be in the Mob mod? What's that?
    Happy 365th
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  6. Blue
    Not real pandas but I'm Panda and I eat Ramen :p

    The EMC Mod. I couldn't think of the name, just know it adds mobs :p
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  7. I know, you can even see yourself in my signature :p
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  8. You are such a cute person. I first learned about you while learning about Pazzo. You had an anime pic as profile pic and everything you said made sense, while at the same time you were fun, nice and kind. I then learned about brit and her awesome pixel art. You paste the best and sepsiest pics in my profile page and you are friends with sonic, who is such an awesome dinosaur. Basically, that list of kind and great people says all about how kind and great you are and I hope we all stay here another awesome year together.
  9. This is the first time I've been in a list. Now I feel so important. :D

    Glad we've got to have you on EMC for a year. Only one question from me:
    What would you be doing
    right now if you never found EMC?
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  10. Probably herpin' n derpin' or derpin' n herpin' on some other game, bored out of my mind, stuck in Single Player. Probably being more productive lol.
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  11. You know studies show that being productive actually kills brain cells. Procrastination is the way to go.
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  12. Congrats to both of you!:)
  13. Well lets see what can i say, When i first joined i had no talent in building what so ever even though I took 4 years of engineering in high school. Pandas got mad because I would always take her out and get her lost (i guess if i were a lotr character I would be Gandalf) so she told me to sign up for emc. Frankly I did not read the rules in fact Pandas told me on skype how to get through the tutorial so blame her xD. I figured i would be bored of it in about a day so I really didn't care back then.

    I remember my first house, a tree house that was barely five blocks off the ground, it had two rooms and was made from the finest birch wood. After about a week I saw someones res i liked, it had a huge pixel art of cloud strife on it (im a big final fantasy fan) and I wanted to do something just like it, so I built a giant pikachu. Then after that day, I never lived on my res again, in fact i just live with panda and my res is full of wool related awesomeness.

    I own half of whats in Pandas chest because im to lazy to make my own stuff so I just dump what supplies I get at her house and "borrow" what ever I need.

    I would like to thank everyone, but not Sonicol1 because organs HUEHUEHUEHUE, banana._. that is all....

    P.s. I love Sheep and Sheep related things like wool, lots of wool.
  14. I need to make my own 1 year old thread. My b-day is on Friday.
    Happy Birthday Panda. :)
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  15. SHHHH.

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  16. Well congratulations to you! Glad to see another one (two this time) hit the year mark.

    I haz 2 questions:

    Can I haz question?
    WHAT is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  17. 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour.
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  18. Eh, you don't get it...
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  19. Apparently not xD I googled it.
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  20. It's from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. You should see it, it's absolutely hilarious.
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