300th Day on EMC!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Runescape2323, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. I have always loved EMC, my first server, and my only I will ever stay loyal too.
    I also got my own sweet new signature today, too!
    Thanks quite_indeed :]
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  2. Awesome. Congrats!
  3. Happy 300th day! Next stop: 1 year!
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  4. Nooo!!!! you beat me to it! :(
  5. Lol :rolleyes:
  6. Thanks :] Now its 301 XD
  7. I see your username is Runescape... Still play?
  8. Today is my 302th day!

    Congrats on 300! :)
  9. No..
  10. i'm 253 days old today. only 47 days to go to reach my 300th day anniversary! grats on making urs rune :)
  11. I'm 318 days old today and congratulasions bro
  12. Congratulations, I'm somewhere around 200
  13. When we first talking about 1 week ago I thought you were a noob xD and quite a few player on SMP4 are about 250+ Including me :D