3000 posts & Ask me questions!

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  1. I just hit 3000 posts, bawss. Thanks to yankees for reminding me aha.

    Anyways, ask me any questions and I will answer them all, if I want to ;)

  2. Is your name Alex?
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  3. Aye! I was included! Thanks mate!
  4. Henry. Ikr...

    Yes Alex, ahaha ;)
    You duh welcome.
  5. why do u spam the forums to go then brag about havin 3000 posts?
  6. lolololol thats what happens when your addicted to posting as reference from swm
  7. Check my recent posts, like 90% of them have 3+ likes ;)
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  8. What kind of grinder do you use?:)
  9. -Double- blaze, used to use a single zombie when I hit 1mil though ;)
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  10. The blazes fight each other?!:eek: Lol jk, i wish i had a setup like that!
  11. Ahah ;)
  12. How long have you been diamond supporter?
  13. Why is a raven like a writing desk?
  14. I'll get them now :)
    Nope, I won't join :D
    About a month after I joined :)
    Wha? :confused:
  15. Collected. 3 diamonds, is that right? :)
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  16. What is your favorite texture pack?
  17. Favorite food?
    Favorite Movie?
    Favorite Color?
    Favorite book?
    Favorite game?
    Favorite sport?
    Favorite Game (Pretty Obvious)
  18. Misa's or Default :)
    Movie: Dark Knight Rises or The Ultimate Spiderman
    Colour: Aqua
    Book: Harry Potter
    Sport: Handball, basketball.
    Game: Minecraft, Black Ops and MW3.
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  19. how old are you?
    will you ever post a pic of yourself IRL ?
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