300 Days

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  1. Today is my 300th day. I just can't believe that I joined the Empire 300 days ago. I remember when Diamonds were at 30 rupees, the server was so full I couldn't get on. When we had SMP1-4 (correct me if I'm wrong). I think that was a highlight in EMC history. Then, two more servers opened after that and more. The moderators now had to stretch becoming long and thin. Soon, disaster struck, the economy crashed. Some of the most popular players left. I stayed through all this and kept looking forward to the next day, I owned a couple shops in my history. My first shop was basically a tree house... I was a noob... It only had wool and a few building blocks. Then I opened my second shop, It was in the air and was a big stone brick building with stairs going up, like we had before teleport pads. The top two floors were a hotel, I destroyed that with my friend. Then I opened my third shop, almost 60 blocks long. This length proved to be a challenge, I destroyed that over time, and rebuilt it into my new and forever shop, The Sandstone Creeper. I learned how to run a good shop, and how to have a nice residence. Just remember, we are an Empire, empires only fall after hundreds of years, lets keep it that way.

    Sorry for the long post.:p
  2. I Remember when dinosaurs still walked the land of EMC 365 days ago..;)
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  3. I remember that hotel. Me & Djozane booked a room in there, and never did stay in it :p
  4. Congrats , just wait till your 365 days. Only 4 more days for me till I reach 1 year.
  5. i just realized that i missed my 1 year.
  6. Not long at all... actually kinda short.
  7. EMC is only 4 months older than 1 year...
  8. I have had my 300 days :3

  9. I think he meant that the post wasn't very long.
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  10. Yeah I did too.....
  11. Wow. I failed so hard.
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  12. Me three...
  13. I was answering hit poll.
  14. *Logs in* /p princebee

    First Log In: 356 days ago NINE DAYS!!!! :D:D Whoa! YAAAAY!
  15. That's microscopic compared to what people post for their goodbye threads.
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  16. Yeah, whenever I read those, I get a bowl of microwave popcorn and sit down for a night of reading.
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  17. Those make my eyes bleed.
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  18. i think that if people have that long of goodbye posts they
    a) pissed too many people off
    b) they are egotistical
    c) they have a lot of explaining as to why they where using fly mods and nodus.
    d) they start a cult (shoutout to copherfield!)
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  19. I remember when Diamonds where 20r.
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