3 Word Story Game!

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  1. Until he became
  2. I moved this into misc.
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  3. The Giant Name
  4. Thats 5 words
  5. Played a game
  6. I am going to mine diamond in the enderrealm without using the pumpkin on my head or using the pumpkin on my butt cheek or use xraymod to mine gold, or i might get perma ban from the empire.
    I like to eat golden apples only if they give me enchanted and pretty epic silktouch diamond pickaxes. Then i can get a mob to make me rich and famous. Then one day i will love baby chickens with tiny little feet and no heads, covered in feathers and dropping eggs all night long, which were tasty and orange flavoured in my tummy, yummy yummy yummy in my tummy.
    To increase sky limit and go throw some eggs at random villages, and ransack their chests in the shop and go update for cats to make kittens for the dogs and watch them drink milk well and kill cows, and cook beef, and eat beef, then make some diamond armor and lose it by going boom boom and the creeper hugged the steve like a boss!
    I then proceeded to try to eat a chicken and fail because herobrine it evil, and took all of my coal and my dirt, cuz he is on fire, and watched by herobrine swimming in lava, nommmmming on daegoo, surrounded by diamonds, while trying to kill the creeper without a sword, and the chicken found a zombie, so then cow became a mooshroom and became herobrine, to eat chickens with cake and cocoa cows with iron golems, who fight zombies who nom each other, and the enderdragon ate some muffins like a boss of the applesauce, on the moon with silver spoons, while dancing creepers show their curves in pink tu-tu's drinking explosive tea requiring repainting walls, why mustached men always eat donuts in squad cars being chased by feral west virginians and herobrine appear to eat enderdragon take beano before his toes got severed by KribJongJeremy like a boss.
    And fluffy bear will eat cookies by the firelight, and love to build cobblestone generators for building a house like a boss. On the moon creepers exploded moon with a refrigerator, cow, pig, elephant and a highlighter and a minecraft grammer book which used to enchant the most smelliest diamond pickaxe ever. Since cows ate wheat and smelly enchanted diamond pickaxe with unbreaking II and daffodil IV, because musical beans will leap year while leaping years so i pooped, leaped some years,and pooped again on the oven with some cheese and some salami, then ate it. After that he become food poisoning, the doctor came and gave him a giant mushroom and instant healing, a HUGE pill shaped like asparagus and some milk and mushroom stew and a tomato that leaped years into the future so he saw a nyan cat and iron golems in the world by the name of "A TOMALE!", who like turtles and diamond cows who eats chickens and eats tomatoes, with a family of huge iron golems and villagers who throw mushrooms that explode like TNT and taste like monkey poo and mooshroom meat and expired tartar sauce and can fly up so high into the sky, like a bird that's on fire but rain came and made him a pooping tablet of sprite bottles and dug down and found diamond to throw in a creeper fountain and he was angry and threw more diamonds in, but then he decided to do a TNT bombing, and he killed an english muffin and now he becomes english muffin.
    Now there are super-human strength orbs thats so epic because you turn the music so on and dance the chicken dance, while clucking at that super fine creeper dance group who were so explosive. When dancing then they exploded into lots of bits when the villagers invaded the town and took the only living cow to grief all. They remained to catch them all and then they wanted to go find Diablo's lair to drink coffee, tongue get's burned and he falls into the end, has a seizure and the dragon ate a dragon, which gave him a magical stick to destroy a giant creeper statue that kills it. But it didnt't, yes it did, but instead of green flying pineapples, spongebob and patrick found a giant random story thread and he want to spam it with exploding creepers but Malicaii12 banned a big beet that lol'd everywhere, until he became the giant name, played a game of call of pripyat, known to the wild and
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  7. it's a game of call of the wild. IDK where you got "Pripyat" from, but it's still call of the wild. XD
  8. Wow that's long.
  9. Minecraft is epic
  10. because of the
  11. Epic Empire Minecraft
  12. Server That JustinGuy
  13. created out of
  14. Sandstone,Dirt,Glass,
  15. And pig saddles
  16. And sandstone pyramid
  17. And secret lair,
  18. filled with trolls