3... 2... 1... Fire!

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  1. Some pics of Me, Airlynx99 and Hisack55 having fun!
    Hope you enjoy. Pics should speak for themselves.

    Houston... there is a problem...

    See what awesome caption you can come up with for the pics below.

    001.png 002.png 003.png 004.png
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  2. Great American Pasttimes: Anvil Launching! Love the pics, thanks.

    I hereby propose an anvil launching competition! No official rules yet, just launch your anvils!
  3. Were you expecting to be launched with the anvil?
    Because knockback from TNT is disabled in town.
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  4. I kind of was expecting people to get launched, only because of the anvil getting launched.
    Almost like a firework, except made with people!
    Hisack55 was the test dummy, lol. He was looking forward to getting launched more than I was too.
  5. If you do this in future, you will need to go to the wild if you want to get launched.
    Just make sure to armour up (at least iron) :)
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  6. Any form of TNT cannon is not allowed in town, sorry.
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  7. He might not be using it for that you know... i think he was just trying to launch himself, not the tnt into the neighbors res to destroy it... And it says if they are using it for bad thangs... this person is not, therefore, he can use it :)
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  8. I was referring to the anvil. As it can be launched, it could technically land in another res and kill animals/destroy crops/be a nuisance. I can't find the post anymore (might even have been in game, it was way back when Justin frequented the servers), but a player long long ago, wanted to create a system of TNT cannon carts to friends res's. A staff member replied that any form of TNT cannon was not allowed, as its griefing 'safety" could not be guaranteed.
  9. I would like to get a free anvil.... :p
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  10. Lol, yes. But your prized horse might not.:p
  11. i keep him in meh stable.... :p
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  12. Thanks for the heads up JK.
    I have read the rules multiple times, and things like this are tough since there is no mention in the rules guide.
    Not complaining, just saying.
    Reading thru it, looks like if you are trying to do this to harm other players, that is when the violation occurs.
    And I can agree with that.

    The form factor of this, was low travel, so it would have zero chance of anything leaving the property.
    When this was done, I was not diamond and could not use TNT.

    And for the record,
    No malicious intent whatsoever, by any party involved that I saw.
    Nobody tried to blow anything into any other property.

    But again, thanks for the heads up. Appreciate it.
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  13. Yeah, it can be hard to find certain rules. :p Honestly though, if I were you, I would ask a mod when they are online if its ok. A lot of stuff has changed since then, and it would be nice to here if the stance has changed. :)
  14. From the pictures, it looks like he is just trying to have some a good ol' time with his friends and have fun with launching anvils, he is not using it maliciously and I think if something were to happen he would compensate for whatever happened :)
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  15. I mean who launches anvils into people's lots! It's not like I have an alt and get res by friends and do that! Like, don't notice those 10 anvils in JC's plot, there just...... Decoration she put there....

  16. Yes, I appreciate any heads up. Especially since JK has been around longer than me.
    I would rather know, than not know. So I take it in a positive light.
    I'm really not going to bother a mod about this though.
    Was a one time deal.
  17. TBH I kind of feel bad, cause I don't want to kill peoples fun! D: Oh and don't feel bad about asking any mod who is on a question, its what they are there for. I love asking them questions. :p
  18. Stop, don't be silly. You aren't killing any fun so don't feel bad. I did not take anything you said as negative, you were just watching out for people. That's never a bad thing.
  19. I can see where the anvil could cause a problem landing in someone else's residence, and I have seen that TNT cannons are not allowed; however, the goal as to launch the anvil straight up. I also own three of the surrounding 8 res's there, and you can see from the pics that plenty of my own horses were at risk. Due to safety concerns all future anvil launches will occur in the wild on safer grounds. (Anybody up for building a bomb range?). In all seriousness, any town would quickly shut down a contraption such as this.