3,000 post AMA and giveaway!

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  1. So, this is my three thousandth post, and decided to do a little something to celebrate it: a 3k giveaway! :D
    Here's how it will work. Post a question and a number. I will not add you if you say "any number, please" (anything like that). Also, you must ask a question to be in the giveaway. So, I'm excited to see what you ask! :)

    1: Amusedstew
    2: Generalfelino015
    3: NetherSpecter
    4: bemvino87
    5: somebody121
    6: nick5013
    7: xHaro_der
    8: zh88
    9: elijaha1
    10: Jake_bagby
    11: Faithcaster
    12: runtaylorun1
    13: Electrobomb
    14: redfire23
    15: JaydenFerrer123
    16: SDOliveira
    17: boozle628
    18: cac32234
    19: TomvanWijnen
    20: Marknaaijr
    21: maxthegreat2
    22: WolfThunderBlade
    23: GotFreshCookies
    25: MrWhosMagic

    Winner will be decided by random.org, either at 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time on 7/1/2013, or when all numbers are filled. (Whichever is sooner.)
    Ask away! :)
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  2. Congrats, number 15 plz :D
  3. Why yo name qwerty?
    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 or any other open
  4. Good job spamming the forums :p
    Do you think I'm pretty?
    6 pl0x
  5. Congrats on 3000 post!
    I'd like number 11!
    How many beacons do you have currently :)?
  6. I'll take number 7 :)

    Congratulations on 1,000 posts!

    How many diamonds do you have?
  7. Hmmm... no. :p
    One stack plus a skull. :)
    1,610. I counted. :)
  8. i edited mine qwerty :p
  9. congrats can i get number 5
    What was the first thing you did on EMC?
  10. i would like 14 plz :D
    How old r u?
  11. Congratulations, 21 please.
    Which server is your favourite?
  12. Congrats on 3k posts! I'll take 12 please.

    What is your most embarrassing EMC moment??

    Btw, you are about 20 hours from winning the EMC firework :)
  13. congrats! Number 15 plz and have you ever made an outpost
  14. The tutorial. ;)
    Um... probably when I accidentally made 4 pairs of gold pants. :p
    Sort of. I made one, but it only has two members. :p
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  15. 17 plez.

    How did u find out about empire minecraft??
  16. Minestatus, I think.
  17. 25 thanks mate.
    Congratulations for the spamming feat :p
    If you had unlimited money in real life, what would be your top 3 things to do with it?
  18. Uh...........................................
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  19. If you have unlimited cash, why don't you just buy everything!
  20. um 22 please thanks!