2xDouble Spawners or Triple Spawner+ Single

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  1. Hey guys I have 4 spawners... The skele and zombie are about 10ish blocks away and the two cave spiders are 16 blocks from each other.
    This makes a double. But it can also be a triple as the zombie and dual cave spiders are exactly 32 blocks from each other....

    Anyways I am NOT selling them separately as they are really close!!!!!

    Give me an offer!! But I am expecting at least 20k

    BTW its on smp9!

  2. Wow. Seems interesting, but I dont have the money for it.
  3. I have spawners of my own....we should make a community end ond with endermen, we would all have loads of ender pearls and xp.
  4. That would be dangerous.
  5. But we would rack up xp like a vacuum to dust bunnies.
  6. On SMP4, there was/rebuilding a public end farm. Someone, or some people sadly griefed it, making a few People to rage. Kind of off topic, but if you should know, ask people the cords in SMP4.
  7. Make it into a grinder and if you have a 3x ill pay you 25k
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  8. Ok
  9. How about 30k cause it would be a skele, zombie and cave spider grinder!
  10. Disclaimer added!
  11. 27k and you have a deal xP
  12. Alright sure!!
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  13. And is it a 3x grinder or a 4x grinder? Its a 3x + 1 right?