2nd AMA from me.

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  1. Because I'm bored. Bring me a random question whatever you can think of.
    This is the second time i made a AMA thread.
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  2. Why dident we die yesturday?
    Whats my real name?
    If I asked you to marry me, Would that answere be the same as it is to this question?
  3. Becase 2013 calender was created.
    Star Creeper?
    I'm a ghost mummy, i can't be married.
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  4. Do you hate me liking all your post?
    Who are you?
    Where do you live?
    Do I sound like a stalker?
    Can I burn down YettiTown?
  5. whats your real name?
    whats my real name?
    who are you?
    where do you live? JK
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  6. I think it easy to find where he lives.
  7. How's things?
    Am I epical?
    Is me your slaves?
    YOLO or swag?
  8. *muffle smuffle*
    Ghost mummy.
    ... ain't telling man.
    If you want to get perm banned, go ahead.

    My real name is a dutch name that it somehow managed to get to Scandinavia and from Sweden to Estonia.(Except my family name)
    Dylan Frenette
    Ghost mummy.

    Create a big project and i think you are epical.
  9. I already have a big one on my 3rd res :p
  10. Show it to me then, i'm at smp5 right now.
  11. Do you say Tomato or Tomato?
  12. I have no idea what Tomato i say, Tomato or Tomato?
    Quiet hard decision....... hmm. I know!
  13. Would you rather fight 50 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck?
  14. I rather fight 50 duck horse sizes and lead them into your lava walls to melt them.
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  15. Oh, stop it you :3
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