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  1. Man, I wish I could get into Tomb Raider again... I sorta lost interest in the middle of TR 3, and I haven't picked it back up again. It was a pretty awesome game series, at least through TR 1 and TR 2... I don't know how it went after that, though, so...
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  2. If you ever wanted to get back into the series, this reboot would be best to jump back in.. Also get the pc version because she has tessallated hair.. :3
  3. It's released... Well for me at least, I'm in Australia.
  4. Oh my goodness i LOVE tomb raider!!!!
  5. ...Cough ....Uncharted is better Cough....
  6. I've played Uncharted. I hate it. I prefer Lara.

    Damn you all...I have to wait until my birthday or next month to get this game ;.;
    Mum said the car's MOT is important...
  7. Like playing as the girl i see....
  8. Meh. She's more elegant and I like the story better :p
  9. And here I am, waiting to get my pre-order of Sim City 5 tomorrow...
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  10. Nothing wrong with guys playing female characters or females playing guy characters. I have yet to figure out where this stigma of "It's wrong" comes from. If you haven't noticed, the majority of games have MALES as the main character. Girls have been stuck with this for years. Games with female characters are a great thing honestly. Most men say they would rather stare at a girl character for the hours they play than a male one and I've seen females who say they would rather play as a male than a female.

    Some people choose to play as female mostly because most games make their male character bodies the size of refrigerators and dump trucks so they take up the screen.
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  11. Chell from Portal FTW!
  12. I would rather play as a boy on some games, like Link i wouldnt have it any other way. I try to play as a girl character on online games but half the time they fight with butterflies and rainbows and im just not into that glitter stuff. And i can never get in a party if im a girl because im considered weak and an idiot that doesnt know what their doing. It doesnt matter ive been an avid video gamer since i was like 4, but im pretty sure i was born with a controller in my mouth.

    I would rather look like a refrigerator then a sugar queen fairy with extra glitter on top.
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  13. I like to play as Lara, Zoey in L4D2, the female in BO2 zombies (she's funny :p...and the all the men in that game annoy the crap out of me. Apart from in the campaign - Harper's a boss) and Chell.
  14. I've been a gamer since I was 2..and my best friend has been a gamer since she was 9 :3 Now we play games with eachother all the time, and sometimes she gets kicked out of CoD matches and such just because she's a girl - she prefers being in a "party" with me because that way they can't kick us.
  15. And don't forget Faith from Mirror's Edge. She was a neat character.

    *suddenly realizes nobody has played this game*
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  16. I've played it :D I love that game...I just don't play it anymore.
  17. I've never played it but we had it. Hubby loved it.
  18. Yep. I'm quietly waiting for Mirror's Edge 2... hopefully that'll have more replay value.
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