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  1. Hey all, for ages now I've been collecting levels for the sake of it (Not as much lately as I haven't been on) with the recent intent to spend them all when 1.8 come out on EMC assuming the Level 3, 30 level enchantments are available on EMC. I should be able to enchant 267 items.. My question to all is... What should I enchant???
  2. Wooden hoes.
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  3. My first enchant WILL be a diamond hoe :D
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  4. Leather and wooden tools. Nothing else.
  5. so you have 8k levels?
  6. In 1.8 it only uses 3 levels to get a level 30 enchant. You need 30 levels to get it but it only takes 3 of them away.
  7. Screenshot please :)
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  8. Just do dcs upon dcs of diamond hoes
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  9. Or... enchant some diamond pick axes, if not decent or good just combine them. I think enchanted picks do the best selling :)
  10. 2014-09-18_13.37.30.png
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  11. Want to know something terrible? If you had done this one at a time, going 0-30, enchant, 27-30, enchant, 27-30 enchant, etc once 1.8 came out, you would be able to enchant 1978 items. You've wasted 1711 potential lvl 30 enchants worth of exp grinding effort by doing it this way :p
  12. This is true, but I've heard levels take more actual effort in 1.8. I don't know how much more. Probably not as much as it took to get from 700-800.
  13. I would have been able to get at least tat probably by doing it 0-30 in 1.7. Only did this to see how many lvls I could get plus I was to lazy to use them cause I was mainly doing it for the Texp (#6 Lifetime)