25 stacks of diamonds for sale (43r each)

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  1. come to smp4 at 8491
  2. How did you get so many?
  3. 0.o what he said ^^^^^.
    I don't think he use dupe glitches. I got 9 stacks legitimately from smp4, a guy was selling them for 27r each.

    Btw, sorry for hijacking your thread
  4. i bought them all lol and found some. do u want to buy?
  5. No thanks 9 stacks of diamonds is good enough for me :)!
    You can try to sell it all to leowaste(3456smp2) he buys them for 44r each
  6. Someone must have been selling all these for really low prices, eh?
    My suggestion is to burn them. Do it, and I will respect you tons.
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  7. Why burn them?
  8. I Haven't seen diamond lower than 30r now like they used to be.
  9. Put the economy above oneself. Destroying the duped diamonds will bring diamond prices back up to around what they were (likely). Now, that may not seem fair, but think of the guys who just spent 3 days mining for diamonds in the wild and come back to town to find that the most they can sell their diamonds for is 25r. Does that seem fair that the guys who worked hard are effectively conned out of their rupees by a few kids who found a glitch?
    Put the economy above yourself, really. You may not get as much profit but your reputation will be clean and you will earn lot more respect.
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  10. in a perfect world sure, but it really wouldnt mean much here...

    he paid for the diamonds, it wouldnt be fair to him to just throw them away and lose all his money.

    hold on to them, as there should be something posted soon from icc about the diamonds and what you can do with them.
  11. I know. But for someone to whom their rupees balance matters little, burning the diamonds would be a good option until that thing you talked about has been set up.
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  12. Guys I'm just trying to sell diamonds lol
  13. Diamonds that were likely duped, not necessarily by you or anyone you know.
  14. I don't buy from people that dupe diamonds.
  15. you can't tell who duplicates diamonds or not, you may have and you may have not - you don't know that.
  16. i know the people that i buy from and they only sell like around 40 a week
  17. My diamond exchange is a solid eco stabilizer. I don't sell nor buy diamonds cheaper than 60r-45r

    And in limited quantities.
  18. And where did they get those diamonds? Were you perhaps curious as to why they were selling 25 stacks? How do you know a duper didn't sell to them?
  19. I hope ICC lets us trade diamonds for Slimes :)
    I think it's only fair with the thousands of duped diamonds floating around, and the lack of natural spawns :)
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  20. Just love those days when you find diamonds cheaper the 30r or lower makes me smile :)