25 000 Stolen From Me From A Now Banned Player

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by joshyrocks13, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. Okay so on April 4th last year my mine craft account was hacked by my former friend (dobbyrock27) of mine, he stole 25 065 r from me, and I reported him but nothing happened, so I quit EMC, but now I'm back and wondering if I can claim that money, I've tried contacting him to get it back but he's now perm banned. If a mod/admin doesn't believe the screenshot I posted you can look in my rupee history your self, it's on page 17 of 117. Please all I want is my money back :(

    Many Thanks
    Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 8.26.13 pm.png
  2. Sorry, not much can be done now, if that money was in his account when he was banned there is no getting it back.
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  3. Can't i be paid back by an admin or something? :(
  4. No, because it would involve being paid out of somebody's own pocket, that 25k can't be recovered.
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  5. I am happy to address this with you in a private PM if you wish to start one with me.
  6. As any hacking and payments (as well as any conversations/agreements between players) are all capable of being tracked, this isn't usually the case in my experience. For items that no longer exist, you're right however. :)
  7. If by "hacked" you mean the now common "I gave him my password, but didn't say he could do this", you are responsible for your own account and it wasn't actually hacking. In that case, they shouldn't give you any money back.
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