24 Hour Gaming Marathon On EMC!

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  1. Why did you copy someone else's post?
  2. I did not. The original post was Wipple4's. Me and wipple4 are gaming together and wipple4's post was put down I think because he was banned. So, we are using the account that was actually in the conversation where we got permission from. We are the same people :D
  3. I see :p
  4. I know you have mentioned that Aikar has approved this but unfortunately Aikar is currently unavailable. I will provisionally allow this on the understanding that you will not be begging players to donate. Your "our 24 hour EMC marathon has begun!!! PLEASE CLICK http://bit.ly/1c6vCHY" ads in game are fine as long as you don't spam them.

    Good luck and I hope you reach your goal.
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  5. A
    Addng you to convo now.
  6. We have reached £17!