24 Hour Gaming Marathon On EMC!

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  1. Hello!

    Aikar's Approval Comment: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/24-hour-gaming-marathon-on-emc.36440/page-2#post-696866
    Me and a friend are doing 24 hours of Non-Stop gaming all on EMC!!!
    This is a charity event and before anyone asks, this thread is within the rules. My friend asked Aikar. We will not be streaming this event however we will be uploading silent videos of it on youtube channel: www.youtube.com/theorangepup The reason why we are doing them silent is due to bad quality connection between me and my team member and my mic just broke :p
    Our Goals:

    Raise £50 for the charity!!!!!

    I know it seems a lot but we do have 24 hours to do it in.
    As this is a charity event, I am politely you to donate to the charity at www.justgiving.com/theorangepup

    The charity we are doing this for is Special Effect. It is not just me and my friend, over 100 teams and individual teams are all doing it together (www.specialeffect.org.uk/gameblast).

    We have chosen to start tomorrow in the morning. (Hopefully 10am UK time).
    We will game through the day and night and finish 10am the next morning. We will keep this thread updated on how we are doing with the goals! Please do check the Special Effect website if you are considering donating to see where your money goes :D

    Aikar Edit: Did not approve asking for rupee donations
    Wipple Edit: when did we ask for donations :p? - It was just something for us to do :D.

    At the end (8am) we will give away half of the rupees earned by hosting this little number game, there will only be 10 numbers so POST FAST! Everyone will get something, how much you get is up to random.org (1st place = 50%) (2nd place = 25%) (3rd place = 10%) (4th place = 5%) (5,6,7,8,9,10th place = 2 %)
    1 - Rangers_fan7
    2 - Champ4now
    3 - Jay_The_Miner
    4 - Gadget_AD
    5 - FDNY21
    6 - SophieAnnFoster
    7 - Reindeer_
    8 - Kyzoi
    9 - akela132
    10 - nick5013
    Post below if you have any ideas or if you want to claim a number!
    Thank you for reading our post.

    GOAL UPDATE: Will be updated every 3 hours!
  2. 3 please! Good luck to you all!
  3. Ill take 6!
  4. Erm, you are the one doing the marathon with me...
  5. Lol, okay.
  6. I guess ill take 6 then guys!
  7. Are you 100% sure this is legal? I am wondering if I am just being stupid but this is asking for real life money. People have done this before and threads have been closed. I know you talked to aikar but I would also check with max and IcC.
  8. I know, however my friend checked with JackBiggin and he said I may use my friends account
  9. You probably should have used that account to make the thread then.
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  10. Max and ICC where on the conversation too :D
  11. Teen please, sir.
  12. Me and my friend were both together looking at the conversation, I don't see why rules would change, if you have any other issues please start a conversation with me :D
  13. 8 please! Thanks.
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  14. Is 5 taken? I think not.. I will take that if possible, thanks :)
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