2303 Unwanted Item Shop

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Do I need more buffer space?

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  1. 2303 is the site of my new unwanted item shop.If you have unwanted items,you can put them in a hopper and you can buy items from the shop chest.Sometimes good stuff will go in,and I will announce this in chat so you don't miss it.
  2. So.. You basically copied Salesman but lowered the cost to buy something?

    I guess I'll stop by tomorrow.
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  3. Sort of.The difference is all money raised with this goes towards improving the system and getting better stuff in.
  4. I came... its slightly odd...
  5. You need to walk around the res a bit.It's not my brewing machine.
  6. My chat records show this:
    Anyone who plays on SMP1 frequently can check their chatlogs and use CTRL+F to search for these exact messages. The log is located at C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\output-client.log
  7. I've been there though, it charged to buy something lol.
  8. I meant that I opened mine first.
  9. Not for profit means that money raised will go towards getting better stuff and improving the machine.I may soon set up a pay-for-items-in system if I can make one.
  10. Erm, it's not like this is not allowed, however, exactly copying salesman idea is not cool. If you made it your own, people would use, however you just took salesman idea and are saying that it is non profit... When you are making a profit so wth?
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  11. I said that I would set up a system so that items go in for 1r and items come out for 1r.The problem is I don't think it's possible with my current setup.
  12. But, that's just it. You are using a way too similar name to salesman and are saying it's non profit, which is false. "Unwanted Item Shop" SHOP It's in the name.
  13. I can't think of a better word.Anyway,I've just worked out how to add the pay-for-items-in system.
  14. You now get paid for disposing of items @ 2303!
  15. Well maybe a moderator should move this there and change the title to 2303 Item Trading
  16. Ask a moderator. I've designed tools to globalsearch for staff, try jackbigg.in/emc/spotlight
  17. Your pay-for-items system doesn't work, and never will unless you build it from scratch. :S 1 purchases items from players for 1r, and the items being purchased are [slot 1]. Since there's nothing in slot 1, you're buying nothing from players. And hey - look at that - you're buying nothing from players, which means it doesn't work!
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